In our quest for the perfect DAM, finding the right sync tools for syncing assets (images, files etc) is vital. We’ve used a lot of different tools and software over the years, syncing images, documents and various files needed in small and large team productions. This guide was written by team-member Martin Edström from his point of view.

This is a breakdown of five of them, including the ones we use on a daily basis in our complicated 360-video and virtual reality workflow.

A good sync tool should work as well offline in the field on a local LAN with 3 laptops as in an online office with 10+ workstations

There are many different uses of sync tools and syncing software. This post examines sync software from the perspective of our (small) team working on multimedia productions with often heavy processing workloads.

For this comparison of sync tools, we’re talking about a bunch of live workshop folders where 5 people on different devices have access to all of the files. We call it a “live folder” because of the fact that all files are live inside a synced system, as compared to an archive system where files are simply stored long-term (and backed up, preferably). This live folder is the main workshop folder for an active project that is currently worked on, by an individual or a team.

This guide is not about long-term storage or archiving. That will be dealt with in another post.

The contents of this live folder changes with every project and team, but for this comparison we can generalize that it looks something like this:

Example Live workshop folder total size: ~1tb (1 terabyte)

After the files have lived in this live folder, that is constantly synced, they get archived (once the project has been published or is somehow complete). The sync/backup process for archiving these files is wholly different, and won’t be discussed in this post.

NameDescriptionFilesize in gigabytesStorage media
SOURCEOriginal unstitched video, raw images and sound files200-500HDD
PROJECT FILESLightroom/Capture One catalogs including previews50SSD
INTERMEDIATEIntermediate rendered images and video clips500-1000
FINALSRendered derivative images and video clips50-100